When you travel to Europe you might ask yourself: “do I need a visa?!”. To answer this question you might need a lot of investigation. To help you out: we found this website called VisaMapper. Visitors select their nationality from a drop-down menu and instantly see, on a color-coded world map, which countries require a visa for them to visit and which don’t.

Citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK need only a valid passport to enter all countries of the EU.

Tell VisaMapper you’re of United States citizenship, for example, and watch almost all nations on the European map turn to happy shades of green. This color means you won’t need a visa to visit them.

A few countries are missing from the site, and you should double-check its data with the State Department before traveling, but the map is nevertheless addicting… and educational. Play around with it to see what travel is like as a citizen of different countries.

Link to native website:

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