Aegina island is located in the Saronic Island group in Greece next to the Saronic Gulf. Sitting just 31 miles from Athens, Aegina is a very popular summer resort, and many locals from Athens have second houses on Aegina island.

Aegina is included in the Piraeus Prefecture, and, on a larger scale, Attica. Most of Aegina is an extinct volcano, and the fertile plains produce wonderful qualities of grain, cotton, vines, almonds, olives, and figs. The most abundant crop of Aegina is pistachios. The volcanic area is located on the southern part of the island, and is mostly mountainous and barren. The highest point is Mount Oros, which is 531 meters high.

Aegina’s capital is the city of Aegina, and sitting just opposite of the Agios Nektarios monastery is located a hill with the ruins of the ancient abandoned city of Palaiohora, which was Aegina’s capital from the 9th to the 19th century. The remnants of the medieval castle are atop the summit. This is where the population of Aegina sought refuge during ancient pirate raids.

A very interesting and important landmark on Aegina is the Virgin Chryssoleontissa monastery, located on the road to Marathon. The monastery was built in 1600 in the style of the fortified monasteries of Mount Athos. Inside the church there is a beautiful carved iconostasis. You may choose to visit the quaint seaside village of Marathon, or the small fishing port of Perdika. In Perdika you can take a small ferry to the beautiful islets of Angistri and Moni, which offer exquisite natural landscaping, perfect for a serene and relaxing visit.